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The bus trip

Make sure you are at the mentioned pickup location, 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. In case of delay, or if you decide to cancel your bus trip with Event Travel: always inform us at all times. If you want to buy extra tickets: these are only available online.

Remember your BUS NUMBER
On the busticket that you received two days prior to your actual travel date, the busnumber is clearly indicated on your ticket. Please remember your busnumber because this is the same busnumber for your return trip. The busnumber is positioned behind the front window of every bus. Allways check the number on the bus, the busnumber is leading.

Although Event Travel has organized bustrips for over 20 yeards: we cant control everything! We check all travel routes and when possible avoid delays, offcourse not every traffic jam is controlled, and in case of delay we will try to inform you as soon as possible.

Offcourse, there will be music during the trip. You can bring your own CDs and sometimes there is also AUX available. Please contact the driver of your bus and other passeners to avoid unnecessary irritation.

You are allowed to bring your own drinks during the trip. Do not litter the bus, and use the garbage cans to keep the bus clean. In some cases there will be beverages on sale: this is not organized by Event Travel and allways the responsibility of the driver. There is no glass permitted on ALL buses: make sure you use plastic bottles or cans.

For every trip organized by Event Travel there are luggage regulations that you are obliged to follow.
- All luggage is brought on board at your own risk
- Event Travel is under no circumstances responsible for any damage or loss
- Luggage is restricted to: tent/sleeping bag/travel bag/bagpack (no suitcases allowed)
- Leave luggage on board: only and always after consultation with the busdriver
- This summary is for ONE person

There is NO guarantee that you can leave your luggage on the bus during the event: allways consult in advance if and where your bus will stay during the event. Contact us at all times before the actual departure day.

It is legaly prohibited to smoke on a travel bus. If possible there will be a short smoke break during the trip and allways in consultation with your driver.

During your trip we can offer you the assistance of your HELPDESK. Any questions concerning your trip will be gladly answered by our staff, and is available for Event Travel customers before, during and at departure of your (return) trip. Just call the HELPDESK number: 0031-38-425-67-30.

Event Travel buses will be accessible 30 minutes prior to the actual end of the festival or concert. The departure time is appr. 60 minutes after closing time. Always check your busticket for the final departure time as mentiond on your ticket.

Please be aware that there are a lot of buses waiting at the end of festivals or concerts. It is possible that you have to search for your busnumber. In case of trouble finding your bus, always contact our HELPDESK at 0031-38-425-67-30.
We can only provide you with assistance is you call us before the actual departure.