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Your trip to your festival starts comfortable and without any concerns with Event Travel! You can buy your bus or combi ticket(s) through this site, Event Travel takes care of the rest! Do you want to buy a combi ticket? You are always secured of your entrance ticket, as Event Travel is the official partner of every event thats on our website! 

It is very simple and easy to book tickets through our website! You can choose your event on the homepage and your going to the overview of the event of your choice. Here you choose if you want a bus ticket or a combi ticket and you place your order. After you have placed and payed your booking, we will send you immediately the booking confirmation per e-mail with all the information you need to know. We send you the bus and combi tickets two days before the event. So you dont receive your tickets directly after your booking. In case you have booked an entrance ticket and a travel ticket, you receive two tickets!

You can print your bus tickets or show them on your phone to the bus driver. For most events you need to print your entrance ticket, so check that in advance!

Pay attention: E-mail from Event Travel might end up in your SPAM inbox, please have a check on this!