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Know where you buy!

It is about time to make clear where you need to buy you tickets, so you don’t pay too much and you are secure you can enter the event. Event Travel obtains their tickets directly from the organization of the corresponding event. We are not out to make a profit with the sale of entrance-tickets, because we are a bus organization. The selling prices and discounts, given by the event organization, will be directly passed out to you! 

Every day people buy tickets for concerts, theater performances, football games and other events through the internet. What a lot of people do not know is that next to the official online selling points, there are also a lot of websites that buy tickets on a big scale and sell them to make a big profit with it.

As a visitor 
you pay through this website, - most of the times unconscious – a lot more than the original price. Sometimes one and a half till three and a half times more than the artist or event organization asks for a ticket. And sometimes, those tickets aren’t even a guarantee to the event. This reselling happens without permission of the artist of organization and because this happens on a big scale, there is rareness for tickets what is unnecessary. With this problem there won’t be any tickets left for the original price. Reselling is not only happening with sold out events, also with events that are still for sale through the official selling points.